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Apr 14, 2012

After the success of taking 2nd place in the 9th annual Art on the Green in Green River,Wyoming, Lindsey will be returning for a second year to compete.  


Mar 11, 2014
An update to the Warhol Naked and Unlabeled Kickstarter page was uploaded, so if you're short on time hop over there.   But in reality, there's a...
Jan 24, 2014
Every month, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Adult programs offers a variety of delightful family friendly events. I was fortunate enough to...


4 hours 7 min


RT @3D_Digi_SI: #3D printing the #NationsTrex at an @NMNH event this evening #SIx3D

4 hours 8 min


@3D_Digi_SI @NMNH Pretty nifty. Hope you're doing a gopro timelapse or something. Get that on youtube for us non-DC folk!

4 hours 12 min


@3D_Digi_SI @NMNH Didn't #NationsTrex just arrive yesterday? You scanned it that fast?!?